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The Amen Triade



Christian so-called "heresy-hunters" have tried in Roman times

to erase from the mind and from the libraries

every trace of memory that did not fit in

with the believes of the powerful NT-groups.


Robert tries to find traces of

the origins of Christianity to know

what the ancient believers were not allowed to believe

and what we are not allowed to know.

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Christianity is mainly an Egyptian religion

originating from ancient Egypt.


Keep in mind that the Egyptian religion was

in full swing until 552 AD.


The ancient Egyptian language

was written until 330 AD and spoken

by the Coptic Christian church until 600 AD.


Ancient Egypt was a powerful and influential country

also during the ages that Persians,

Greek and Romans had power over Egypt.


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The Thracian religion rooted in the Goddess religion

of Old Europe is also a powerful root of Christianity.


Very sure the Thracian civilization with the Fisher-God Ioannes

has to be seen in close connection with Ancient Christianity.

The first three dynasties of Egyptian pharaos were very probably Thracian emperors.


More and more I have started using two definitions,

one for Modern Christianity and

one for Ancient Christianity.

I find more and more arguments that Ancient Christianity

got shape in the ancient world around 2050BC

and lasted until about 1520AD, where the erasers of Modern Christianity

took over almost completely.


Still there are trace of Ancient Christianity to be found

in present day belief!


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The Egyptian religion had the tradition to think

in the triad father-mother-child.


The triad important for ancient Christianity is:




as they were called in the Amen Karnak temple.


The Amen Karnak area is intensely connected

with the first emergence of Ancient Christianity.

Also the Nag Hammadi scriptures (Gospel of the Egyptians)

give the triad Father-Mother-Son.


In the writings of Ancient Christianity we find the words:

"I am the One Lord, who is always,

I am the Father,

I am the Mother,

I am the Son"


(my own translation)

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The name Amen means the unseen God.

The invisible Spirit is the creator, the giver of life.

Until today the name is mentioned in every Christian prayer.

The gospel of John in the New Testament calls God unseen.

(Nobody has ever seen God).

So did also the Egyptians say that nobody had ever seen Amen.


Mut is the eternal Mother-Goddess,

conceiving and bringing forth whatsoever exists.


The name "Mut" is in many languages even now

related to the word "mother".

Mary is called the mother of the church "Neter Mut",

the mother of the believers, the mother of the world.

Mut is often pictured with the vulture headdress,

which means a virgin birth, like is being said of Mary.

The Egyptian Christians gave Mary the title "Nefer Mut"

which means that Mary got the name of Mut as a title.

Mut is often depicted as hermaphrodite,

having the charateristics of both sexes.

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The mother-and-child statue was to be found

in every ancient Egyptian house,

as it is now in many Christian houses.

See the special page on the Mary statue.


The mother child statue was part of every Egyptian house,

in the image of Ast-Heru-p-khart (Isis and Horus the child)

and in the image of Mut and the child Khensu.


This is exactly the same mother-child statue

in Christianity found in private houses and in many Mary chapels.


The child Jesus stories have

been added into the gospels coming from separate sources.


The three wise men (Magi) bringing gifts

is a known theme of Egyptian symbolism.


It is very probable that the tradition of the Heru-p-khart religion

found its way into Christianity trought the birth stories.

In writings outside the New Testament there are

many more ancient Christian books about

the youth of the child Jesus.

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Mr. Wallis Budge, the very learned expert on ancient Egypt,

declares in one of his books, that

he never has found a New Testament statement,

that is not to be found in ancient

Egyptian writings of the ancient temples.


There are also big differences between the Egyptian civilization

and ancient Christianity.

See the special page on that subject.


See also the special page with the definition of Ancient Christianity.


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