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Reversing the future.


Since we are divine eternal spirits,

we are able to do unthinkable things.


We are able to reverse the future.


We should not only wish and hope for the best,

but we are able to change the wheel of fate in its course.


For example:

when we send out a card of best wishes to someone

who is ill or is in need,

we should also bless the card, use holy water upon it,

fill the card with our prayers.

The wish becames that way a divine message.

We must not forget to speak clearly while blessing,

because words are powerful,

so are written words upon the card.


Be clear with your wishes, specific.

Ofcourse it is also possible to bless ourselves,

our loved ones, our family.

Changing the future can be done be making

a sign on the wall with your words of blessing.


For example:

"We are a happy and healthy family".

"We stand together because we love each other".

A reversal of the future means that we don't accept

the universe we are in, but that we want to

step over, to change our existence into

the parallel universe, where the universe is more

according to the principles of love and light.


By doing this stepping over by blessing

consequently all the time,

we are even able to push a negative parallel

universe into non existence.


In parallel universes it is possible that

loved ones are still alive now,

because certain things did not happen in that other

parallel universe, like things happened in this universe.


By stepping over into the parallel universe

somebody can still be alive,

although in the former universe

we just left, that same person is deceased.


This is not the same as the hope for resurrection

and meeting loved ones in heaven.

All those persons involved in the heavenly realms

have really died and

are not to be found anymore in this universe.


Most religions have no answer to the question whether

a deceased person in this universe, but still alive in other universes,

is in heaven or has to wait to be in heaven

until all the parallel existence have deceased together.

This could be "the middle" what the Gospel of Filippus is speaking of.

In "the middle" a soul has to wait before going up into the light.


The hope for resurrection is the hope

for people in the after life.

Parallel universes are about real living people.

Parallel universes are a scientific concept,

waiting to be filled with love and light by us.


Actively reversing the future, makes the future

(our future) very much alive and open.


We are in a way stepping over through a gateway

of probability, which we are influencing with

our words, our wishes, our blessings,

our positive thinking, writing down words of love.


In my opinion this is also what happens when

a saint like Frere Andre of Montreal heals

somebody suddenly out of love and divine action.


Everybody who is witnessing such a healing

is participating in the stepping over into

the parallel universe of love.


Because of the many healings by Frere Andre

the world became a better place.


It is also another world in reality,

because it is a parallel world.



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ancient christianity

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