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Orpheus and Ancient Christianity


Orpheus (Christ) in the Christian catacombs


In the ancient book Corp. Apol. book IX par. 426 the ancient Greek writer

expresses the fact, that Ancient Christianity and

the religion of Orpheus belonged very much together.


This togetherness of Orpheus religion and Ancient Christianity dates from very ancient times

and seems to fade away around 700AD or somewhat later.


This ancient fact deserves more attention so we will be able to catch some glimpses of ancient truth.



The Orpheus religion is Thracian.

There are holy writings of the Orphic religion dating before 2000BC

(the rhapsodic theogony).

The Orphic religion was deeply rooted in Thracia, Macedonia,

Asia minor, the Greek Islands, Crete.

The Orphic religion was the religion of the vanquished Pre-Hellenic population.

The gods Dionysus and Apollo were important Gods next to Orpheus.



The Orpheus religion is also the fish religion,

of which we have written the webpage about Bethsaida in

ICHTHUS is the main symbol of Ancient Christianity.

With ICHTHUS even today Jesous is meant.

ICHTHUS is also the main title of Orpheus.

John is short for IOOANNES, which is the name of the Fish-God.



Also the movement of Pythagoras was related to the Orpheus tradition from Thracia.

The Oracle of Delphi was half a year per year Pythagorean and half a year Apollo's.

We will have a webpage about Pythogoras soon.


Music was essential in the Orpheus religion.

The seven snared lute and the Thracian flute were used on many occasions.

The priests of the Orpheus religion were called

Shepherds (boukolos) and Orpheus is the Good Shepherd, thus being head of the priests.



The Pleiades were connected with the Lyre of Orpheus.

(Although Christians pretend not to have any astrological knowledge,

the Morning Star is the symbol for Jesous).

For the ancient believers stars and planets were important.

The cross symbol of Modern Christianity is connected with the four big stars

on the corners of Orion. Orion is the symbol of Orpheus,

the good Shepherd next to the Pleiades.

Christian images have been found with 4 stars in the points of the cross.



Ancient Christianity used the symbols of the Orpheus religion everywhere:

art, hymns, graves, in the catacombs, ivories, gems.

Many times the symbol of the Good Shepherd was used on Christian items

and also Orpheus or better: Christ playing on his lyre or

on his Thracian flute surrounded by animals.



Also John the Baptist was seen surrounded by lions and other animals

áwhen John was preaching (Writing by Saint Eusthathios).

IOOANNES has the same cypher code as ORFAS (Orpheus) =72


The cipher code was very important during Ancient Christianity

and will be explained on another webpage in

For the moment it is important that John the Baptist was seen as a representative of Orpheus.


John the Baptist died by taking his head off.

In the same way Orpheus died by beheading.

IOOANNES is the name of the Fish-God.

Orpheus is the Fisherman, like he is also the Good Shepherd.


Orpheus resurrected from death.

Did the followers of John the Baptist expect the same?

And is it known whether this resurrection has happened?

New questions to be researched.



Orpheus is also the Fisherman. He brings the fishes together into the church.

Fishing of people is also in the New Testament an important activity.

The miraculous catching of the 153 fishes is a well known miracle of Jesous.

The miracle is connected to the Orpheus religion.

Also is the Fisherman connected to the First Initiation into Ancient Christianity.

This will also be a webpage in coming soon.



Centered in the Orpheus religion is the Mother of God, the Great Goddess,

also seen as the Holy Cow, connecting the Thracian religion to the Hathor religion

and the Golden calf of the Moses, Aaron, Miriam religion of the ancient Hebrews.



It is sure that the first Pharaoh dynasties of ancient Egypt

were Thracian emperors of the Orpheus religion.

See the special webpage in



This subject of the connection or perhaps direct relationship between Ancient Christianity

and the Orpheus religion is written down in many books through all centuries.

Most scholars are writing the arguments away.

There are so many details known, that this relationship must have been very close,

for a very long time, at least 800 hundred years and very likely much longer.

The famous Christian catacombs in Rome are filled with Orpheus symbolism.



We have to keep in mind that there are also other relationships with Ancient Christianity:

of Ancient Christianity and ancient Egypt,

also with Arabia, Punt (Hadramaut?) and Ethiopia,

with Syria, Antiochia, Edessa and Palmyra and very probably into India.


In the Orpheus religion we find a close connection "up North" into Europe.


These result are asking for a new definition of Ancient Christianity

versus Modern Christianity.

Coming soon on


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