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This page contains the result of some years of searching,

conversation, literature, ancient books.

On another webpage in Robert gave his point of view

that initiation existed both

in Ancient Christianity and in Modern Christianity,

although in different ways and with different procedures.

See the webpage initiation existed.

Teachings and holy writings were aimed at certain groups of initiates.

Even the New testament, writing for Modern Christianity believers,

has certainly secret teachings for distinct groups.



On this page some results of the research will be published.

Some things are still missing, some of the facts perhaps are unprecise.

This is because initiation in Ancient Christianity was secret.

Nobody was allowed to bring procedures in the open.



Initiation in Ancient Christianity:



Before initiation

First Initiation

Second Initiation

Third Initiation

name of the believer in the intitiation:


also called suckling calves

"vituli lactenses"





new born

name of the official involved






name of the special drink or sacrament:

fish and bread?


milk and honey

wine and water

special means used:


mystic music


bridal chamber

apparently the place of happening:







This table gives an overview of the three initiations

of Ancient Christianity. In the writings there are references

to even higher grades of initiation, but Robert has doubts whether

these higher grades were in existence and if so whether they were standard.

Still there are question marks. Further research is necessary.


The initial gathering:

Apparently a net played a role in the ceremony.

The new believers were literally catched in the net.


The first Initiation:

The priest-fisherman was catching the Fish symbolically swimming in the pond.

A room has been found with a painted fond on the floor.

As a sacrament a cup of Water was used.


The second initiation:

The initiated Lambs were drinking milk and honey

as a symbol of resurrection from death.

What the Initiation procedure was is (at least for me) unknown.


The third initiation:

The Mother does give life to the Newly Born.

A cup with water and wine was used as a sacrament.

Did the initiated have to come out of a symbolical womb?

Was the Mother symbolized with a statue or with the presence of the Priestess?

Was the Bridal Chamber the Holy of Holiest of the local Christian temple?



First that comes into mind seeing this table of initiation

is the real difference between the Hebrew religion and

the Ancient Christianity belief system.

Although a net is mentioned in connection to Yahweh,

the fish and fisherman concept are certainly not Hebrew.

So is the use of honey in a sacramantal way.

Honey is excluded from the Hebrew religion in Leviticus.

The initiations are very much in line with the Orpheus religion.



The Christ (which is not the same as Jesous in Ancient Christianity)

is named the "Shepherd of the Lambs" and

"Fisher of man" and "Source of Mercy" with which is meant the

sacramental cup of Water, and the "heavenly milk"

which is the sacramental cup of honey and milk for the Lambs.



The milk and honey sacrament has a direct relation with the

resurrection from Death.

The Water sacrament had a direct relation with becoming children of the "ecclesia",

which means the community of believers,

but also becoming immortal holy fishes.

In many religions all fish was holy, like in the Celtic religion.

The Orpheus religion had certain types of fish as holy,

the so called

"Ecclesia" is a concept belonging directly to Ancient Christianity.


The sacramental use of milk is also known in the New Testament.

1 Petrus, 1 Corinthians, Letter to the Hebrews, also in Barnabas.

Milk is seen connected with the revelation of the Logos.



The bishop had in Ancient Christianity two symbols of power:

1. the mystic ring of the fisher

(annulus piscatotius)


2. the staff of the Shepherd


This lasted until 900AD and is still recognizable in modern ways of behaving.

The ring and staff are also the symbols of Orpheus.

There are many reasons to suppose that the Orpheus religion and the Ancient Christian religion

were very much related and influencing each other in many ways.

Still there are also thick lines to other religions,

like the Hathors religion, the Amen religion, the Hebrew religion and more.



Music is an important part of the First Innitiation.

The harp, the lyre, the flute are all used to change dimensions and attitutes.

We know that the Ancient Egyptian religion also used music very much.

The music had also magical effects on humans and animails and birds.

Ancient Egypt religion did use magic on a daily and regular basis.

In ancient Egypt and in Thracia (Orpheus religion) were also temple choirs singing hymns and psalms.

This could mean that the Ancient Christians were also singing in choirs.

Music was also a connection to the universe, because the universe was seen

as making heavenly music everywhere, even in the interstellar space.



Suggestions and literature sources of Antiquity

are welcome.



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