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The Ley line Group visits Kernhem near Ede

at the Veluwe in the Netherlands

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The Ley Line Group visits Kernhem in Gelderland the Netherlands,

a multi dimensional experience.




Kernhem is an old estate north of the village of Ede,

slowly covered street by street with standard houses by project developers.

Some parts of the estate are still not covered by attached houses.


A hundred meters from the streets of the village Ede

is a labyrinth situated around a small hill,

of which people say it is a grave hill.

Also the municipality declares it is a grave hill.

Just outside the labyrinth area is a megalith lying in the footpath,

áof which people say it is an altar stone.


Members of the Ley Line Group are measuring the hill inside the labyrinth.


There are stories that the stone is bleeding under certain conditions.

During Full Moon beings are seen in the area, of which stories say they are ghosts.


This indicates an interesting area for the Ley Line Group

to go there on the day of the Full Moon.




The Other Dimension


At the entrance of the area we saw two grave hills on the right side of the path.

áGrave hills often give a whitish yellow shine.

The presence of the two grave hills was directly visible.

We were all amazed because grave hills were

not expected in that corner of the forest.


Then we saw a person, warmly clothed,

elevated about one meter above the surface.

The clothes of the person were rather brown.

Big shawl around the shoulders.

Slightly smaller then average people.

Face different:

other eyes. Could be glasses of some kind, but really looked like wide eyes;

other nose, wide nostrils.


I waved towards the person, got no wave back,

but we were certainly looked at.

Then the person walked slowly towards

the left away from us and walked out of sight.

The person stayed one meter above the surface

and just walked out of sight after being visible

over a distance of about 30 meters, as if we were looking through a window.


It felt clear that we were looking into another dimension.

Because of the clearness of the view and the strict way of moving along an invisible path.

The big question is:

how do we measure another dimension?

Is there radiation to measure? Is there a shift in the light spectrum? Is there a time-difference?

Even more interesting: are we able to step through the window? And can we step back again?


May be we need a Merkaba field in some way.

The Merkaba is a multidimensional transportation field.

áPromoted by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Asking questions with a Merkaba pendulium maybe?

Susan and Robert participated some time ago in a workshop about flying with a Merkaba.




The labyrinth and the hill in the labyrinth


Going further to the left we entered the labyrinth.

In the middle of the labyrinth rises a hill of about four meters high.

Kids playing around the hill and on top.

Trees on top with wild growing of the stems.

The trees were protesting to be there.


My impression was that the labyrinth as it was at that day

did not fit in with the original labyrinth of longer ago.

This present labyrinth was consisting of nine little circles

interconnected by curved paths.

The municipality of Ede had restored the labyrinth recently.

But the energy of the place felt clearly

like a circular winding path around the hill.

My impression was very much the same

as the hill at Vaassen where a winding path

circles towards the top of the hill.

The members of the group all felt something happening with fire,

áwith torches, with people standing around the hill and around the top of the hill.

One of the members of the group was feeling very emotional and felt a certain threat.


The hill in the labyrint seen through the Oldfield filter

indicates the energy of fire on the right side of the hill.

Towards the hill at the left an appearance can be seen.




The Bloodstone


On the footpath about fifty meters further on is a megalith lying sideways.

The megalith, called Bloodstone,

lying in the path just outside the labyrinth gave


The Bloodstone seemed very much alive and alert.

How did it end up here in the footpath?

Megaliths have no respect in the Netherlands.



the feeling of being a sidestone of a Langgraf (chambered cairn).

The members of the group remembered a second stone of the same size and appearance

in an old house nearby. The well known boekhandel van Piet Pel

closed since many years, but known for the megalith in the back of the house.



Members of the Ley Line Group are trying to measure the significance

of the megalyth lying in the footpath.

The megalyth tells a story about being part of a larger structure.

Very likely a chambered cairn.



The megalith lying on the path of Kernhem is called the Bloodstone,

ábecause the stone has been seen bleeding on certain occasions.

áThe stone indeed looks very much alive.

áAs you know, stone can be very much asleep,

but stones can also be alert and alive.









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