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Aliens at the Mary Chapel at Guttecoven

(South part of Dutch Limburg)

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Aliens or Giant Beings at Guttecoven


The Ley Line Group went two times to the South Part of Dutch Limburg,

because our friend Piet pointed out some peculiar happenings

in the village of Guttecoven where he lives.


The Mary chapel outside the village of Guttecoven

is standing on a fault-line at the edge of a rift-valley.

The crossing of fault-lines is two kilometres further on,

just behing the castle of Graasbroek.

Emanations of alien beings and serious UFO sightings

are very often upon fault-lines and their crossings.


The possibility of UFO sightings and alien beings brought the ley line group here.


While the Ley Line Group was researching the weather was bright with heavy clouds.

This was the weather during both visits.





When we arrived at the chapel it was directly clear,

that energies around this chapel were active.

This picture is taken with the Oldfield filter.

The energies are clearly emanating from the chapel.


Members of the Ley Line Group are researching the area where the Group

was attacked by giant energy beings.

One person was toppled over.

One person was pushed out of the area violently.

Robert was immobilized and turned around.


This second visit was much quieter.


Studying the presence of heavy energies behind the chapel.

The chapel looks like a quiet chapel in the field.


The chapel is a friendly and pious place dedicated to Mary.





The chapel with the energy indications in the front and the outline of

giant beings behind the chapel.


Behind the chapel to the right clearly an outline of a giant being.


Also behind the chapel an outline to the right.





These giant beings are more clearly seen by Theo Wierdsma

when he stayed in England (Kent) near the crop circle places.

Above is Theo's picture of the giant being next to a barn in 2009.


The picture at the left also shows a giant being as pictured by Theo Wierdsma.

To the right the drawing that Theo made of this being.

Picture and drawing from 2010.

Those pictures and drawing are ętheo wierdsma.

We are lucky to have his permission to show this material.

Website of Theo Wierdsma http://www.adapa.nl/




Nearby the chapel is the castle of Graasbroek situated.

Behind this castle is the crossing of fault-lines where we

were expecting emanations and UFO sightings.


The Ley Line Group was with permission studying the surroundings

of the castle, but did not find anything special at that moment.


We all saw the shade of giant being on this path next to the castle of Graasbroek,

but all we could picture was a straight pure white light.

The white light is clearly visible to the right in front of the tree.

It can not be the sunshine, because there were clouds at that time.





Did you make pictures of giant beings?

We would like to study them.

Thank you.





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Updated September 20, 2014


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