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Tomb of the Thracian king


The Thracian kings influenced the other dimensions by building

in their tomb temple a dome, which is the source of a vortex field

opening other dimensions to communicate or even escape.

The dome was closed by a top level stone.

Was the stone taken of at the days of rituals?

This beautiful grave is open for visiting in Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

The entrance sign.

The Thracian civilisation is very ancient.

Very probably they are the link between very ancient communities,

like Atlantis and the megalithic people.

It is probable, that the Thracians are older then the megalithics.

There are studies that try to explain the shape of megalithic temples

by the structure of the Thracian graves.

High up the mountain behind Kazanlak is

the situation of the thracian tomb.

The Thracian tomb is protected by a covering house and sealed of from air.

Walking towards the right is a perfect copy of the original dome for visitors.

The structure at the left is the ruin of a medieval building.

Does this pointed shape of the corridor neutralize disturbances of the vortex field?

The structure of the Thracian grave temple is as follows:

First a corridor with a very special shape goes towards the dome.

The dome has two stone doors towards the corridor.

The doors were closed when a ritual was performed inside the dome.

They say that each of the doors had a special meaning concerning life and death.

The two doors had two different colors.

Sure is that initiation rites were performed here inside the dome.

Behind the dome is a room with a piece of furniture shaped like a restingplace.

The room is square, with the longest side towards the dome.

There are no doors between the dome and the room.

How many times have these temples been used?

During how many centuries?

The wall paintings inside this dome of Kazanlak are beautiful.

Behind the grave is a stone circle where also

in the present time holy dances are performed.

Robert was measuring the area behind the Thracian grave with the Lecher antenna.

The area is higher up the mountain.

There are cedar trees and a lot of undergrowth.

Robert measured the wavelenghts 2.0 and 6.9 and 12.25 from several places in this field.

From every point all three wavelengths crossed on one certain place.

The 4.2 line gave no response.

On the indicated spot there was a circle of very yellow dry growth,

while the area outside the circle had grass and growth more green.


A conclusion could be, that another dome grave is still to be found in this area.

The view over Kazanlak from this high place is very nice.



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