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This is a webpage about one of the very important things in life:

the Afterlife.

Many readers are asking to explain

the Goddess aspect of Afterlife.

The Afterlife is an essential part

of the believe in the female aspect of Divinity.


In the present time many people are waving away

the thinking of life after death.

Others are not taking anything serious as if Afterlife does not exist.

Many psychics and people with near death experience

have been in contact with Afterlife.

Ancient people gave the dead little gifts to be used in Afterlife.


Mighty and rich people gave the dead whole armies

and scores of servants to help in the Afterlife.

Simple people gave some food, a useful object,

some clothes, a horse, some jewelry.

In my opinion the tradition of giving little things should revive again.

Our beloved ones are also entering the same Afterlife

as the ancient people of long ago.


Born and reborn from Mother Earth


Essential in the female aspect of Divinity

is being born and being reborn out of Mother Earth.

After death you and me will wake up in the Afterlife.

Our corpses will given back to Mother Earth,

either as a corpse to be buried, or being burned to ashes.


Modern governments are taking away the bodily remains

out of the graveyards to make space for others.

Archeologists are robbing the graves of the gifts of loved ones.

This should not be possible.


The souls of of the dead stay in the area of the Afterlife,

until they are reborn again into a new life.

Some are reborn soon, for example when they had an unexpected death.

Others are allowed to choose their own time of rebirth,

for example when they want to follow a twin-soul into life.

Judgment and Resurrection


For many people Judgment and Resurrection are old fashioned.

Not so in the belief of almot every religion on the planet.

When having lived our lives Judgment will be there.


The Goddess religion has always had the basic knowledge,

that judgment leads to two situations:

1. the verdict to be reborn again;

2. the reward to surpass the cycle of lifes and to be admitted into

the higher dimension of divinity.


Also Ancient Christianity had this knowledge.

In ancient texts this is also the preaching of Jesus.


Resurrection leads towards rebirth into the present world,

or into the Kingdom of God, the Pleroma.

Pleroma means the fullness, the fulfilling.


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ancient christianity

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