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Heede, Germany


Since 1937 the about 100 apparitions of the Goddess in Heede, Germany

have changed the little village into a religious center.

Four children saw the Mother during several years at irregular moments

and at irregular places.

To be precise from November 1, 1937 until November 3, 1940 exactly 105 times.

The Goddess appeared sometimes five minutes, sometimes 30 minutes and longer.

The places of Appearance were divers, but centered around the old churchyard

and the ancient little church of the village of Heede.

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The old church

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The church was build around 1454AD and very probably started as a Noodgod church,

where Anna, Mary and the dead Jesus were venerated as the Noodgod.

German: Notgottes

(Is there an English word for Noodgod: "Misery of God"?)

This devotion was erased from Catholic memory during 1450 until 1520AD

through the whole of Western Europe.

The complete erasure resembled very much the erasing of witchcraft in the same years.

This makes me think that the two religions were related.


From about 900AD until 1454AD there was a little chapel here.

It seems that either Ludger or Wiho or even the well known Bonifatius

"converted" the village of Heede to the Christian religion around 780AD.

It is very probable that an even more ancient chapel

was built on this place during 780AD until 900AD..


We also know the method of these missionaries:

demolish the old religious buildings and build literally on top of the old things.

Since the present church is clearly standing on an artificial hill,

this could indicate the place of an ancient temple place.

The Noodgod places were all intensely connected with the old Goddess based religion.

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Impression inside the old church


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Ancient traditional initiation stone on the choir of the church.

This stone gives the date 1454AD.


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The window in the tower gives a tree design with 10 roses

A tree of life design

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Part of the Group conferring the plan for the day


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Starting with coffee or tea


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The chapel on the place of many of the apparitions

The apparitions were also on other places around the old church

The statue is a modern piece of art


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The place of many other apparitionsáááááááá Holly growing all around


The Ley Line Group measured strong energies on this place.


It is very likely that one day new apparitions will come:

1.9 positive (death)

7.6 positive (goddess energy)

17.7 positive (divinity)

3.9 positive (entities).


Some members of the group assumed the place of apparitions

to be the place of an ancient grave-hill,

that was levelled with the surface of the soil at some point.


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In the middle of the place was a pointed star visible in moss between the grass.

6.9 vortex was positively strong

Also the Bovis value is very high (5000 or more)


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Measuring the powerfield around a splitted tree in the area


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Sensing divine presence groupmembers were concentrating and meditating

This indicates with certainty that more Goddess visions are possible


In the trees some nicely decorated paper and bronze symbol was hanging,

certainly indicating that other people are aware of visionary possibilities.

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After these experiences the Ley Line Group

walked over towards the ancient lime tree.

Read the page about the ancient tree in Heede.


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