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The archeology professor of the Goddess

Marija Gimbutas




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Marija Gimbutas


Mrs Gimbutas (maiden name Alseikaitė) was a very famous professor

of archeology at Harvard and later at UCLA.

She lived from January 23, 1921

until February 2, 1994

Mrs Gimbutas visiting Newgrange in Ireland in 1989.

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First she studied the Indo Germanic invasions into Europe

which took place from 4500BC until 2600BC.

The Indo Germanic tribes were organized around male persons

speaking the original language

Proto Indo European PIE which was the root

of all Indo Germanic languages.

The studies of Mrs Gimbutas have solved much problems

around those invasions and the destruction of the Goddess society

dominated by wise women without military

by the male society of the Indo Germans with warmongers and violence.

Very much the society of Europe today.


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Mrs Gimbutas became more and more interested in the archeological remnants

of the society before the invasions.

She found out that the Goddess civilization existed

at least from 9000BC until 3200BC.

She was focused very much on the period 6500BC until 3500BC.


She unearthed about 30.000 artefacts of the Goddess religion

at about 3000 sites in Europe.

Many other artefacts were found by other archeologists creating

a total overview of the Goddes religion over the whole of Europe.

The Goddess religion made little clay miniatures of all aspects of life.

There are miniatures of houses and temples and everything else.

Even clothing and daily life are to be found in the objects.


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Mrs Gimbutas wrote many books and articles.

Her main books are:

The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe

The Language of the Goddess

The Civilization of the Goddess

All books contain hundreds of images of artefacts.

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Mrs Gimbutas also dated the megalithic monuments of Old Europe.

The megaliths all belong to the Goddess Religion.


She also recognized the written language of the Goddess.

The language of the Goddess exists at least from 10.000BC

and very likely even from before the Ice Age.

There are 158 characters in this language which were

completely described in the books of Mrs Gimbutas.

This language of Old Europe resembles very much

a language of ancient Cyprus,

which is also not translated yet.

Since the Linear A and B of Crete could be translated

very likely the Old European language can be translated also.


See also the special page of the translation work

of Dr Stephen Guide who is translating Thracien writings

and connects them to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.


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The Old European Goddess civilization had two Goddesses

one Goddess with the name Λ, this is the Bird Goddess

one Goddess with the name M, this is the Frog Goddess.


It is very likely to think of Anna and Maria.

Janna, Hanna are also possible.


The Goddess religion with her peaceful women driven society

existed proven at least for 20.000 years.

Around the years 6500BC the society changed

because of the new technology of crop farming and pottery.

Still the peacefulness of the Goddess religion stayed until the invasions

of the Indo Germans started with weaponry, male driven society,

battle and war around the period 4500BC in three waves until 2500BC.



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Even today most archeologists bluntly deny that there

ever was a Goddess religion.

The archeology and history in general are extrapolating

the situation of today into the past.

Big changes in the past are denied often on the basis of today's religion.


Kids don't learn about the Goddess civilization in the schools,

because it is not in the textbooks.


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