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The "grave" and tombs of Thracia, Bulgaria


Susan and Robert saw the hills of Thracian kings and temples

everywhere in the landscape.

From the valley of Roses and Kasanlak

until South of the capital Sofia, a distance of 150 kilometers.

Based on what we saw, we estimate the number of hills on perhaps 50.

So there are certainly more.


The valley of Roses.

At right in the distance is one of the many hills.

Many of them have been robbed of their contents, others are still undisturbed.

In many of the hills an ancient temple has been buried.

Ofcourse the archeologists are naming the hills grave hills,

like they call everything that is buried or hidden "graves" or "tombs".

It is the mind set of "scientific" researchers.



The entrance of the buried temple of the Thracian emperor Seuthos the Third.

In side a corridor is leading to the conical dome.

Behind the dome is a room, where some golden things were found.


The dome was apparently used to create a vortex field.

Very probably the special vortex forces opened other dimensions.



The entrance into the corridor.


The temple hills are lined up in patterns.

Susan and Robert had no detailed maps available.

It would be interesting to see, whether the patterns are indicating

a certain symbol or message.



This temple hill was guarded by a lonely cow.

Does this have a significance?

A cow is how the Goddess often was seen by believers.

The cow is coming in our direction.


Around the temple room of the hill of Ostrusha

is build this protecting building.

Inside is a square room was a few vague compartments.

Interesting little paintings are on the ceiling.

Clearly this room is only an entrance antichambre

into the real temple complex inside the hill.


The valley of Roses and more hills next to the Ostrusha hill.



Silent places of thousands of years ago.


Clearly is visible the lining up of the hills in long patterns.

To the right is the next hill to be seen.




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