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The Bulgaria Project:

Smarotsazorski Mineralim Bahn

Megalithic temple on the mountain side

with goddess chapel


Some places of megalithic origin are still respected

and visited by people who feel the ancient powers.

This megalithic place is seen as a place of healing

and a place to remember and influence people

who are on the other side.


There were healing streams of water in this place

for perhaps thousands of years.

The rocks have curly shapes because of the streaming water.


Robert measured the existence of water layers to the North West.

It is possible to open these water layers horizontally

and the water stream will be flowing again.

(There is an idea to drill a well in this place,

ábut this could damage the horizontal water layers forever).


Candles burned at the left are for dead and death,

on the right side are for health and healing.

Ancient and new rock paintings are visible.


The ancient rocks are placed in concentric circles

around an ancient altar place.

Apparently this altar place is in use (summer solstice)

because there were remnants of a fire (at the right of the picture).

Robert measured an ancient altar place two meters higher

on the slope, also visible by the coloring of the soil.

Perhaps the whole place was shaken by a heavy earthquake and

was sliding down the slope.

This could also explain the ending of the water stream.

To the South the circle of stones is completed.


The concentric circles of stones are recognisable.

Very probably there is a moon calender involved,

as can be seen on other megalithic places.


One enormous rock has several ancient and new paintings.

The old stream went through this rock and people

wishing to be healed have to climb this rock

through the ancient stream.

Susan is studying the rock paintings.

Some of them were really old.

She also followed the traditional ritual of the rock and candles.


The healing rock is crowned with a cross symbol.


The wishing ribbons are knotted in the tree.

An ancient tradition that also exists in the Netherlands.


The place is dedicated to the Goddess with child.


The keepers of the place came over to open the chapel.


Susan is meditating in front of the big rock

next to the Goddess chapel.


Readers are asking which wavelengths Robert used

on this place with the Lecher antenna.

Robert used the following wave lengths:

7.2 water canal and 3.1 water vein (crossing lines from three places)

6.3 altar place and 14.7 other dimensions and 17.7 divinity

(also crossing from three places).


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