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Fire the Grid we Did!



On July 17th, 2007, we did “Fire the Grid”.


There were about 50 of us who first went by car,


then walked or took a special old mini-bus with 4 wheel drive,


and then walked a few kilometres up one of the mountains


in the Rila National Park.


One of the holy Rila Lakes



The mountains of Rila are spectacular and wonderful.


There are 7 lakes and they have a


special energy about them. They reach up to 3,300 metres.


Except for a few natural footpaths


made by happy hikers, all was clean and untouched.


Place of the ceremony



The atmosphere of the mountain, lake and people


assembled were good and positive.


It was a very hot day, around 40°C, which is very hot.


But on the mountain, it was a comfortable 35°C.


Those who were not covered returned looking very red.



We went up to meet the helicopter.


It carried Professor Masaru Emoto who wrote “The


Message of Water” and lectures all around the world


about how prayer and messages written


on containers of water change water in a positive way.



First we meet Professor Emoto


and then he want to rest while we all had lunch. Then he


returned and we all formed a circle.


As a part of a traditional welcoming, a loaf of bread was


presented and we all took a little piece and ate it.


Ceremony of the Bread


Professor Emoto spoke in Japanese (perhaps


he cannot speak English as I was informed that many present could)


and his message was translated into Bulgarian.


He instructed us to say a prayer in Japanese which we repeated.


Then he instructed us to turn and face the lake and to say:


“We love you water, we respect you water”


for three times.


Then we meditated.


After that some Bulgarian songs were sung.


Ceremony of Meditation and Singing


It was fine to be a part of not just this small group


but also of a family of some 300 groups


around the world who also Fired the Grid as we did.


I hope that some day Shelly or someone


else would give us some feedback as to what effect our hopes and prayers had.




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