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EARTH DAY the History


The term "Earth Day" was first coined

in early October of 1969 by John McConnell (U.S. citizen)

 when he submitted a proposal to Peter Tamaris

who headed the San Francisco Board of Supervisors,

  on October 3, 1969. The Board of Supervisors approvaled

and Mayor George Christopher issued the proclamation

which inaugurated the first Earth Day.

Some other cities in Northern California

in the United States of America did the same.


During the final day of the UNESCO National Conference,

 "Man, and His Environment," November 25, 1969,

Cynthia Wayburn, one of the youth leaders

on Mr. McConnell's Earth Day Committee,

presented the idea of celebrating an Earth Day and

showed the Earth Flag during this presentation

at the luncheon.

The idea was enthusiasticly supported.




The date selected for this event was

March 21st, the Vernal Equinox

which is the official beginning of spring.

It make complete sense that Earth Day

would be the beginning of when the earth

 wakes up after a winter's sleep

in the Northern Hemisphere

where Earth Day was first proposed.


Vernal means bloom which indicates

that this is a time of blooming for flowers

and of the leaves on all the plants to come forth.


Equinox means equal or balance.


This one of two time when day and night

are equal everywhere on this planet.

And while it is the spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere,

it is the fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is certainly clear that this is the perfect time

to celebrate the Earth coming back to balance

by showing us the example of creating balance on this planet.

It is inevitablely obvious that this is suppose

to be the time that we are to create balance

on this planet. This is like a vortex opening

to balance and peace, and we are the key to this gateway.


Many ancient cultures have celebrated

the Vernal Equinox with prays and rituals

hailing the renewal of life.

This fact touches our deepest roots of being human

and surely of being a human family.

See the Vernal Equinox page for more information about this.


Where the Confusion Started


Environmental Teach-In planned a one-time event for April 22, 1970.

 They called their event Earth Day.

For some reason…, their event got a lot of attention.

This was reinforced by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1971

who announced Earth week which was to be celebrated

the 3rd week of April. And in 1972 at the Stockholm Conference,

Japan obtained support for a resolution calling

for WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY to be observed on June 5,

which was the day the Stockholm Conference began.

This happened without consideration

or consultation regarding the Equinox EARTH DAY

already proposed two years earlier.


Peace Bell Ceremony


A Peace Bell Ceremony commenced on March 21, 1971

when Secretary General U Thant proclaimed it Earth Day.

The U.N. Peace Bell rang and

in fact continues to ring at the precise moment

of the equinox from that day, on every equinox.

In fact, in 1975 President Ford of the U.S.A. proclaimed

Earth Day for every Vernal Equinox.


Urgent Help Needed


May we now all take our cue

from nature and unite on this one day for Earth Day,

on the spring equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere),

 the day that was orginally proposed.

This way we can combine our efforts

to focus on healing our beloved planet.


Love Our Home, Love Our Planet


We have a symbiotic relationship with Planet Earth.

 We need her and she needs us.

Instead of breeding negativity,

let us breed positive loving energy.

She is a beautiful living biological being

that sustains and gives us so much.

Let us step forth and bring balance

to all the negativity by doing as much as

we can to be Earth stewards who care for,

take care of and care-fully step lightly

on this beautiful planet.


Please be conscious of the way

you spend your money and the effect

it has on all aspects of nature.

 Go out and spend time in nature. 

Take a walk in the park, on the shore, in the woods.

 Take a book with you about wild plants

and try to identify as many as you can.

Be joyful in nature and it will return

to you in unexpected ways.

BE mindful of the care you feel

within your heart for this magnificent planet.




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