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Peace Seed



Peace, it is something we all want, isn’t that right? Well


most of us. So this is for you because


you are sure that


you want it, peace.



Planting a Seed



It is not enough to just put down weapons. I believe


what we want is ‘the Presence of Peace’.


This is a prevailing presence or experience of peace


that permeates the environment around us


and of course we want it for the whole planet.


It is more than a song about peace


or the wish to have peace.


It is a wish or desire that comes from the heart.


First we start, as always,


by establishing peace within our own hearts.


Then we propel


the peace into our homes.



Take Action



So go right now and make a big sign


with the word peace on it.


Next to the word, draw a large seed


and inside that seed


draw a symbol that represents


the concept of peace for you.


It can be a dove, a flower


or any other symbol that reminds you


of the notion of peace.


Now put it on the wall


some place so that everyone


who comes into your house sees this sign.


Perhaps they will smile when they see it.


Perhaps they will remember it


later when they are watching the news


and see something counter to peace


and they will remember your sign


and think about how nice it would be


if peace could replace what they are seeing.


Or perhaps someone will be upset by something


and have a less than peaceful reaction


and then in a flash,


they will remember your sign.



Take the Seed and Nourish It



You can do this one or more ways.


The following are a few ideas.



You can imagine that you take that seed


into your heart and


that that seed grows a little each day.


Imagine that you are watering that seed


with the power of Love and


visualizing people being peaceful with each other.


You can also include yourself


being in that visualization


either being peaceful on your own


such as walking in nature,


arranging flowers, helping a neighbour,


being with your pet or


something else that relaxes you


and gives you the presence of peace.


Do this at lease once each day.


It is preferable that you do it in the morning


before you start your day.




Take the Seed with you




You can imagine that you take this seed


from your poster and


shrink it down to a small size.


This does not diminish its power,


in fact, it increases it


because it concentrates it


which makes it stronger.


When it is small enough,


you could put it into a small pouch


and then put it in your pocket


and carry it with you all day long.


You can even get a real seed for your pouch


which will represent your seed.


During the course of your day


when you are feeling less than peaceful,


you can put your hand in your pocket


and feel your pouch


knowing that


peace is within your reach.



Spread the Peace Seed



You can make another copy of this poster


and bring it to where you work


or go to school.


If you have a private office,


you can put it up on your wall.


If you share an office or class space with others,


then ask the others


if you can put up you peace Seed


and tell them why.



If you go to school or work in a school,


perhaps this could be a class project.


You could all make a peace seed poster


and put them up around the school.


The best one(s) could get a prize.


Later you can take them home and


put them up on the wall in your own home.



You can make them and


bring them to a local swimming pool,


youth center or senior center or residence,


club house, restaurant.


You may think of more places


which can benefit from the presence of peace seed.


There are so many possibilities.

It may seem like such a little initiative


but seeds do grow


into plants, bushes and


very large beautiful trees!


So these seeds can grow,


flourish and bear fruits!



This can create


a growing garden of peace


in your neighbourhood, your town, village or city


 and then your state, province or parish.


And then it may even embrace your country


and those around you.


Eventually it may even encompass


the entire world!



Now isn’t that inspiring?



All from a little seed of Peace!




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