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The New Age of Light





As we are now moving out of the dark age into the Age of Light,


we will raise our consciousness


and discover our Oneness.


Duality is dead.


We are all One.



Be aware of how the energy of fear feels and how the energy of Love feels.


Notice the difference.



Which feels better for you? Which feels more healthy? Which one do you choose?



Do you let the people who own the media


(television, newspapers, radio and movies)


átell you how to feel?


This is a victim mentality which keeps one back.


Being a victim is the opposite of being a Being of power.


If a person does not have freedom, they are slaves.


Do not be a slave of what media tells you.




You have a choice you know. Be truly aware of this.


You have a choice which path you choose: the path of Light or the other one.




If you are tricked by media,


you are relating to the universe via the individualized ego.


In that case, you have the need to be right.


They have succeeded.


Those that are trying to control everyone and


do not want us to be in a state of bliss.


If there is nothing to fear than fear it self and you let go of that,


then you can go into bliss.




See that you can break the spell if you are determined to do so.


Have faith in Love, choose for Love.





Now go back to the prophecy to see what it really says?


peace N dove



The ancient prophecy of the Mayans tells us that it is the end of one era and


the beginning of another.


Some 30 ancient traditions have foretold that this is the time of great change.


Are you ready to be forgiving and go into a state of Love?





You may be in an energy of anxiety.


First make a choice to either be the Light or at least go toward the Light.


Then ask divinity for help to deal with


whatever you are going through.





Keep in mind that things will be changing soon for the betterment of humanity.


Embrace that truth and


it will help you


to have the courage to embrace the Light.






Meditate every day.


Be your own being.


Awake and be discerning.


Seek out the real news outside of mainstream media


which is all owned by a few people who also own


or have shares in many multi-national corporations


who make large political contributions


to both sides of the political coin.





Awaken and embrace Love and forgiveness.


Be at peace and


connect with the divinity within your own heart!







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ancient christianity

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