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Advice: buy a Rider Waite deck.


Robert has tried many decks, but the Rider-Waite deck

is the most impressive one.


Pamela Colman Smith (1878-1951)

designed those cards while she was under the guidance of the goddess.


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Paranormal Tarot, what is it?


Tarot is the name of the deck of 78 cards.

Since 800 years we are sure this deck of cards has been used,

because laws of around 1320AD are known to forbid the use of Tarot.


The famous psychologist Young is convinced that Tarot cards

are images deep inside our subconciousness.


Robert has the experience as a psychic, that Tarot cards are

gateways to other universes parallel to our universe

(if there is such a thing as our universe).


The opening or closure of a gateway towards our situation

is done by the influence of divine spirits or angles.


The cards are under the ruling of divine spirits.


To start with Tarot cards, you have to think of:


1 your lay-out.

How are you going to lay down the cards.

Just one card is strong enough for the beginning.

The next card lay-out is perhaps the 3 card:

time flows from left to the middle to the right.


2. the drawing of the cards.

Spread out your deck after shuffling with the blind side up.

Then draw as many cards as there are in your lay-out.

The cards will make themselves known,

just have patience and respect.


3. one by one the cards are turned over.

Cards that are upside down, just turn them upright.

Some psychics make a lot of fuss about cards upside down,

but Robert sees no significance in upside down cards.

Look at the cards.

They bring a message from the other dimensions to you.


4. interpration what the message tells you.

Note everything down, because days later of even years

later you will want to know what the message meant.


How to start with Tarot?

There is only one way to start with Tarot:

the cards have to come into your life.

One by one you have to study the cards and

meditate what a card means in your deeper soul.


How to handle Tarot cards?

You have to be very careful. These cards are no careless toys.

The powers contained in these cards can cause trouble.

So keep the neutral cards upon and under the deck.

Keep the deck in a purple cloth.

Dedicate the cards by shuffling with incense and attention.

Moonlight of the full moon is

advised as a first dedication moment.


Your daily card.

At the moment of your day that suits you most,

draw with attention one card of the deck.

The card will ask your attention to be drawn.

Study this card at that moment and later in the day again.

How did this card came visible in your life,

that day and earlier?

Note it down in your Book of Enlightenment.



The Ace of Cups



Tarot cards are governed by real Spirit Powers.

Give the cards your careful attention.


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The Rider Waite Tarot cards: 1971 U.S. Games


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