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Affirmation for the new era




Conceiving and Birthing


We are on the brink of a new era.


We are conceiving a new way:

A new way of seeing

A new way of doing

A new way of being

A new way of palpating


Join us!


Send us your conception energy that we might birth twins:

Peace and Harmony


Join us!


Visualize two eggs surrounded by love energy

joining with their spermy counterparts

also surrounded by love energy.

Visualize them lighting up with warmth

and becoming twin embryos of spiriling love energy

Raising vibrations and enlightening the world

Visualize them growing steadily into twin fetuses

Visualize them growing perfectly

into twin babies of such loving and wise energy

that they absolutely astonish everyone.

Visualize them being birthed into a world

of such peace and harmony that everyone feels

both relieved and revitalized.

This in turn creates a sense of purpose

for everyone to infuse love into every action.

This spiral of love raises the vibrations of everyone

 on this planet and of the planet too,

creating a better world

that just keeps getting better and better…



Happy Life to everyone!

Blessed be you all!


Susan and Robert


Please see my page on Divine Intervention.

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Updated July 22, 2011

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