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Herbs as Healers, Herbs as Friends


I just love herbs. They are so, so natural.

áI want to know as much as I can about them.

I have been studying them for years.

I have some herb books, yes, but I also read

other's books and books at the library

or on the internet or about herbs in health magazines.


What I like most!


What I like most about herbs is that they work

áwith your body to heal it. Pharmasudicals suppress

your immune system and does the job for the immune system.

Since you are not using your immune system with pharmasudicals,

áthis weakens your immune system and makes it sluggish.

áIt is like anything in your body.

Use it or lose it.

á This creates a reliance on pharmasudicals

to boost or heal you continously. This is not only hard

áon your body but hard on your wallet since they are expensive.

áBut what do pharmasudical companies care?

Do you see them voluntarily lowering their prices

on all their best selling drugs? Do you see them having

specials of any kind? Even when their patent runs out,

áthey do not want you to buy generic drugs

at reduced prices. Remember pharmasudicals often do not cure

ábut only treat the symptoms, thereby giving the impression

áthat one is healed when, in fact, one is not healed.

áSince one is not healed, the symptoms often return

to harress one for yet another day or week

or month or more with the possibility that

one becomes worse. You get which direction

the spiral is going in?


Keep in mind that herbs are cheaper and safer!


Herbs have been around for centuries and

used safely by many wise people. Pharmasudicals

have been around for a relatively short period

and they have caused many problems with dosage,

using a variety of drugs that do not inter-act well,

mis-diagnosis, toxicity, addiction and having

the placebo effect. If you look up the statistics,

áI am sure you can find this all out yourself.


Herbs work with the body's natural defenses

to boost the defenses in order to destroy

the invading problem. It works in a mild way and

therefore takes more time to do the job.

But then you will have developed an immunity

to the ailment and it should not return.

Spices also work naturally to help restore

the body to balance. I wanted to have

a spice reference book

but it seems to be out of print.

It was about the medicinal,

áculinary and other uses of spices.

áIf you know of such a book,

ácould you please send me the title, author

and/or ISBN number.


I am also looking for a complete book

on ayurvedic herbs with its latin or botanical name,

áuses, how it looks, etc. I would like it

to include a large amount of herbs.

If you know of such a book,

áplease let me know.

I have done the general research

and found about 3 of them but have not seen

them in person, so I do not know which one

is the most complete or the best one.

I would like to hear about the personal experiences

of someone who uses such a reference book.

When I checked out some reviews

I found conflicting reports. Also I would like it

áto be between $10 and $30. Again, thanks.

Your Knowledge is Appreciated Here


Also, I know some women who have

the following situations:

bone loss, hypertension, infertility,

thyroid imbalance and fatigue.

If you know about something that may be helpful,

perhaps that I have not yet found, then please,

let me know.

Thank you.

To reiterate



are natural

-         work with the body's natural immune system

-         are non-addictive

-         are less expensive

-         are safer

-         are mild

-         strengthen the immune system because it works with it

-         are great!


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