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Planet Shift Soon


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Planet Shift Soon

Wiil it be in 2012?

It is already going on.


There will be a massive shift

occuring soon on this planet.

What is the shift? Is it a new kind of dance?

Or a new fangled diet? Or perhaps a new kind of drink

or energy drink? No, of course not.

It is a new energy coming to a planet near you.

What can we do or what should we do?

Remain calm, balanced, centered.

Know that if you have been of help or service to

those in need and if you are open hearted and

willing to go with the flow, instead of

the current flock mentality, you will be somehow guided.

So what will this new era bring for us?

It seems to be a matter of how much love

we have been able to manifest both within yourself

and on this planet when the shift occurs.

The more you do to manifest peace within yourself,

your immediate environment and beyond,

the easier this shift will be.

Can we make it easier for those around us?

You may be able to do that indirectly by staying

calm and peaceful yourself.

Your example for others will be a great gift.

Can we make it easier for ourselves?

Same as above, just be calm and peaceful within yourself.

You can also ask for protection and guidance.

And then wait patiently while listening very care-fully.

When you receive guidance,

it may be just for you or it may be for others

around you as well. If someone around you starts to order

you around, stay calm and go inside to see

if this order is right for you.á If you perceive that it is,

then do it. If not, then follow the guidance

inside of yourself that is right for you.

Be grateful for it and act accordingly.


There is a new kind of energy penetrating and

changing this planet and everything on it.

Some feel it happening slowly and

some feel it happening rapidly. And you?

How can we preceive this new energy?

Tune in to it. This takes time and much patience.

It will be cantagious but not dangerous.

Those who are not willing or ready for it

will not continue with this planet. Those who are,

we are in for something BIG!

Stay tuned!

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