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The Child Divinity

Although Christianity every year remembers abundantly

the birth of the Child at Christmas time,

the Child Divinity is not really a natural part

of Christianity as it seems to be.


The New Testament only gives in two places

some short accounts on the Birth,

with a lot of unusual elements,

like shepherds, the angles choir,

the cave, the star above the cave,

the three wise men coming to bring gifts,

the hostile king trying to kill the Child.

And most of all the pregnancy of two childs

at the same time, both miraculously conceived,

one child in high age,

and the other child conceived by a virgin.

Many authors are referring to the Child accounts

as if the stories of the Birth and the Virgin conception

are everywhere and plenty.

But this is not correct.


Of all the books available, the Nag Hammadi,

the Pistis Sophia, the gospels of the New Testament

the Aprocyphal writings it is clear that

writings about the Birth are scarce.

It is clear, that neither the original writings of Christianity,

written long before the New Testament,

nor the later writings of the New Testament

were much involved in giving accounts of the Birth.


Also the Essenes did not write much about the Child.




Next to the Male Divinity, symbolized by the Sun,

was recognized the Female Divinity,

symbolized in the Moon.

We see Mary standing on the Moon in many churches.

In the same way we find in ancient religion

the Child Divinity, sitting on the lap of the Mother.

In many Christian households we find

the statue or a picture of the Mother of God (Neter Mut)

with the Child on her lap.

This statue is part of religion since thousands of years.


On the temple of Luxor, part of the cross procession road

which I explained on another webpage in Home2b.nl,

we find a huge carved wall relief with

the Annunciation of the conceiving of the Mother,

the conception of the Child,

the Birth and Adoration of the Child,

and the presenting of gifts by three wise men.

This is a relief on the wall from about the same time and

the same place where I am positioning

the origin of Christianity.

This brings forward the triade of


the Amen of our prayers,

the Mut (Neter Mut) who is the Mother,

the Child sitting on Her lap.

Many authors are pointing to the triade

Asar (Osiris) - Ast (Isis) - Heru-p-khart (Horus the Child)

in which Ast (Isis) is interchangable

with the Goddesses Het-Heru (Hathor).


Other religions honoring the Child Divinity


Many authors point to the fact that

also in the Sumerian-Babylonian religion

the Mother with Child was a much honored statue

and in India the Mother Devaki and the Child Krishna

are very much honored.

The two holy books of "the Game of Krishna"

are about the childhood of Krishna.

I don't know who was first and

whether there is any importance in being first

áor being older in world history.

The important point is the direct line

áof ancient Egyptian religion

to the early Christian beliefs.


Mystery Churches


We have to keep in mind that

the original Christian churches were mystery churches.

This means that also the knowledge as it is written down

in the known writings, could very well influenced

by this division of knowledge into rankings.

áEven in historical times in Western Europe

the believers were divided in several rankings,

of which each could enter

their own separated part of the cathedral.

Believers were introduces to new truths

when it was their time to know more of Divinity.

Surely the knowledge of the Father-Mother-Child Divinity

was part of these separated portions of truth.


Developing the new spirituality


In developing rituals for the Moon cycle of the Earth,

listening to the natural rhythm and energy of our planet,

and rituals for the rhythm of the Sun,

we also have to keep in mind, that our religion

is very much based on the three sides of Divinity.

The Child will be the One who is calling

you and us back into life through

the resurrection into the new life.

The Child will become the adult Son.

In a way the Child Divinity has a threefold way:

the Birth with miracles encircled and

the little Child sitting on the lap of Mut;

the Life on Earth with the message of Peace and Forgiveness;

the Death of the Child.

To give the Child Divinity His place in

the development of the new spirituality

will be a big challenge.


More research is necessary on this subject.

This webpage will have several versions

in the near future.


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