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God - Goddess - God the Child


The Supreme Being is the Creator and is Love.

The Infinity cannot be contained

in our finite existence, nor in our finite timespan.

Therefor made the Endless One

itself known in images we can understand within

our finite existence.

The Divine One wants to be known because of Love.


Revelation of the Supreme Divinity

áhappened in the most important and

understandable image of:


Father, Mother, Child


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Ancient Christian believers had much attention for the Goddess.

The Goddess was seen as the cause of the existence of the Creation.

In many ancient scriptures She is called Wisdom and Sophia.

Many scriptures in the present day Christian Bible

átell us about Wisdom.

In ancient Scriptures as they have been retrieved

in the last century, the Goddess has a prominent place.

For example in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures.



From critical studies in the New Testament it is

clear, that the Mother Goddess, the female aspect of God,

has been replaced by the person of the Holy Spirit.


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The Mother and Child as seen in the cathedral of Chartres.

This ancient statue is different from the Mary type statues.

This is a Mother with the Child straight on her lap.

The same statues have been found through the centuries.

We see also the same tradition in Isis and Horus,

in Muth and Khorfu.

And many other more.


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In the Egyptian religion the triade of

Amon - Mut - Knonsu

was very much revered.

Also the Isis with child Horus was very much pictured.

See also our special page on the triade.


Osiris, Horus the Child, Isis


Baedeker, Karl. Egypt, "Handbook for Traveling, pt.1

Lower Egypt, with the Fayum and the peninsula of Sinai".

K. Baedeker, Leipsich, 1885. p. 130.


Isis with child Horus.

Everybody will recognise the likeness

with traditional Mary statues with Jesus.


This beautifull Egyptian statue is in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.

The picture is of 1931 and the copyright of this picture belongs to this museum.



Amon and the Goddess Mut.


God the Father is not often pictured,

because this is not allowed by the Ten Commandments.

In the Egyptian religion the Gods were pictured more openly.

It is not sure that every believer was allowed to see those pictures.


Little statue from 1550BC

with Isis and Horus.

Although it could also be Mut and Khonsu.


This statue is in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.

The picture has their Copyright.


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The point is,

that the Invisible Eternal Spirit,

wants to be known to us in terms we can understand.

This gave in Christianity the idea of the three persons in one.

The three persons of the Trinity are

God the Father,

God the Son,

God the Holy Spirit.


In the New Testament Greek the Holy Spirit is a woman.

The Holy Spirit has more or less replaced God The Mother,

who was honored by the Ancient Christians

before the Power Groups made the New Testament

into the official belief system.


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In the Nag Hammadi Scriptures

may be the most important book is the Apocryphon of John.

The Invisible Spirit shows itself to John

as a child, a young person and an old person in one image.

When John is shocked by the vision,

the Invisible Spirit says, why are you shocked,

you have seen me like this many times.


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We know from professor Marijah Gimbutas,

that the Goddess religion is the oldest religion on Earth.

Soon Home2b.nl will have a special page on the works of Marijah Gimbutas.

For now we only give a link to a website dedicated to her.



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