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Summer Solstice Ritual




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Summer Solstice Ritual

Developing the new spirituality involves the natural rhythm

of the Earth and the energy of the Goddess.

The new spirituality has to bring together the creating male Divinity

and the life giving female Divinity.

Bringing in the Divinity of the Child too.

See our webpage about this subject.

In the Nag Hammadi scriptures this threefold

of Divine energies is named Bardelo.

Also we have to think of the important spirituality

of the Divinity who dies and resurrects out of death

to open the gate of eternal life to forgiven souls.

This description of the Summer Solstice Ritual is only

a first start. We are still developing texts.

The text we privately using is taken from examples of other authors,

so we are unsure about the copyright.

This is the reason we are not giving text yet.

Nevertheless the order of the Summer Solstice Ritual

is very clear to us.

So here it is.


The Summer Solstice Ritual.


The ritual can be done by a single person,

by a group of persons.

Out in the open spaces or in the house.

Before starting the ritual a choice has to be made

of elements that are suitable for the occasion.

Personally we like the Ritual at sunrise.

Opening of the Ritual:

With a prayer candles, herbs, incense,

are brought towards the center of the ritual space.

Is it necessary to have an altar?

Probably not, but a nice clean place where all the ingredients

can be rested is very respectful.

The song should mention the wheel of the Earth,

coming into position again.

The Sun is giving life to the planet and the living beings.

The elements should be called upon.

The compass directions being the four corners of the planet.

The faeries and powers of nature.

Asking the Divinity to attend.

The Goddess to give divine minds.

The Creator.

The Child who is the fruit of Love.

The Circle is cast, beginnings and endings meet.

Blessed be.


Anointing with oil.

With respect and solemn the oil is handed around,

to put some oil on forehead, heart, hands, feet.

Open my mind,

Cleanse our Hearts,

Set our hands to the work of the Goddess,

Guide our feet,

this is the beginning of Summer.

All wishes come true.

Love reaches its full development.


Solstice Poem.

The poem can be made by people present.

We embrace all the sad people,

the lost people, the lonely people,

the poor, the misused people.

The poem can be spoken from the muth of the Goddess:

I am the defender of every mother.


Spiral Dance.

We are the dance of the Moon and the Sun.

We are the Child in everyone.

Candle Ceremony.

With a respectful handing around everybody

has a burning candle in the hand.

The wheel of Light goes clockwise.


Gemstone Ceremony.

The stone of Love, the Rose quartz

has a major role in this.

Love is part of everything I do.

Turning to the essential Center.

We all turn to the center,

join hands and a song is sung.

The song could be:

We are one with the Mother,

we are one with the Light of the Creator,

we are one with the Peace of the Child.

Let us forgive like the Child.

Let us Love like the Mother.

Opening the Portals.

With a respectful text we concentrate upon the Creation.

We think of opportunities to bring Love,

we think of new starts that are possible,

we think of changing our lives into a blessing.


The special Ritual with Incense.

The unbroken wheel of Life.

Endings are beginnings.

By the Light of the Sun negative energies are taken away.

Ofcourse incense is being burned.

Incense makes our prayers smell nice.



This is saying thanks to the Universe,

saying thanks to the renewal of the Sun,

special blessing to all who have touched our lifes,

as messenger of the Light.


Journey on.

Let us journey on,

Children of the earth.


The End of the ritual.

A good bye song.

Good bye blessings.

We will hold you in our hearts.

We will hold you in our minds.

Our roots will be entwined.

Guide our feet on the path of growth,

on the path of Love,

on the Path of Light,

on the path of Peace and Forgiveness.


Also this webpage needs a lot of development.

We hope you will enjoy

this first outline of a Summer Solstice Ritual.


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